to the appearance of the articles

For publication in the scientific journal "EXPERT: THEORY AND PRACTICE" are accepted articles that correspond to the scientific requirements and the general direction of the journal. The articles also need to be interesting for the various Russian and foreign scientific communities.

The material provided in the article should be original, unpublished in other printed and electronic publications, written in the context of contemporary scientific literature and contain an obvious element new knowledge creation.

All submitted articles are tested in the program "Antiplagiat" and sent for independent (internal) review. The decision to publish is made by the editorial board on the basis of a review.


of the preparation of the article

Main text

• The article is submitted in Russian or English in printed form (A4 format) and/or electronic form (e-mail:

• The article’s title is preceded by the UDC cipher.

• The title of the article, list of authors in alphabetical order (full name, workplace, index and address of workplace, position, e-mail), abstract, keywords need to be provided both in Russian and English.

• The text should be typed in Microsoft Word with DOC or RTF extension, Times New Roman, 14pt, 1.5 spaced.

• The main text must not exceed 8-9 pages.

• Figures and tables should be named and sequentially numbered.

• The bibliographic list is formalized with GOST 2018, 2019 after the main text in the order of quotations. No more than 20 sources are allowed.

• References mentioned in the text are mandatory and appear in square brackets, for example [17, p. 27]. Reference to foreign sources is made in the original language.


• Raster formats: drawings and photos that are scanned or made in Photoshop, Paintbrush, Corel Photopaint should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi, TIF extension.

• Vector formats: drawings made in Coreldraw 5.0-11.0 must have at least 0.2 mm lines thickness, text in them can be typed in Times New Roman or Arial. It is not recommended to convert graphics from Coreldraw to raster formats.


• The units of measure in the article should be in the International System of Units (SI).

• The article contains only the most important final equations. The equation set is given in the Microsoft Equation with parameters: regular - 14, large index - 9, small index - 7, large symbol - 20, small symbol - 14.

• Inserting equation in the text as a graphical object is not allowed.

• All characters used in the equation should be decrypted.    


Articles, which are not prepared according to these rules, will not be considered by the editorial board.