Interuniversity collection of articles

Published since 2009

ISSN 2310-4392

The publisher of the collection is ANO "IFCTE", until 2019 the collection was published under the auspices of NP "Institute for Analysis of the Economy of the City and the Region".

The collection examines the problems of economic development, management and law in modern conditions, the development of methods for managing socio-economic processes, and discusses issues of improving innovation.

Designed for scientists, teaching staff, graduate students, students of economic, legal and other humanities and specialties, for everyone who is interested in the modern economy, jurisprudence, the national economy of Russia and other countries, their development and management.

Included in the RSCI database.

Scientific directions of the collection

- Economic sciences;

- Legal sciences;

- Philosophy

For publication in the collection of scientific articles "Economics, Management and Law in Modern Conditions", articles are accepted that meet scientific requirements, the general direction of the collection and are of interest to a fairly wide circle of the Russian scientific community.

The material proposed in the article must be original, not previously published in other print and electronic publications, written in the context of modern scientific literature.

All submitted articles are tested in the "Antiplagiat" program and sent for review.



Andrey N.

Executive Editor, Director INO "IFCTE", Candidate of Economic, Dr. of Philosophy, Honorary Builder (Tolyatti, Russia)

ORCID 0000-0003-2939-1618

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Sergey M.

Deputy Executive Editor, Expert of INO "IFCTE", Honored Inventor of the Russian Federation, Dr. of Technical, Advisor to RAABS (Tolyatti, Russia)

ORCID 0000-0002-6512-5803

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Maria M.

Member of the editorial board, candidate of pedagogical sciences



Editorial preparation of the collection of articles "Economics, management and law in modern conditions" is carried out by the publishing house of INO "IFCTE".

Editorial office:

445047, office 401, the house 35A, Southern Highway,Tolyatti, Samara region, e-mail:;

Executive Editor:

Andrey N. Sorochaikin