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ANO IFCTE publishing house offers services of a full publishing cycle - from preparation of the original layout (editing, layout, proofreading, decoration) to the production of paper edition of the book. Your book will be designed and published in accordance with all the requirements of the Russian Book Chamber - it will be assigned UDC, BBK indexes, publishing details ISBN, ISSN, and the author's mark.

We carry out obligatory mailing with registration of the publication in the Russian Book Chamber.

The publishing house regularly publishes:

  - scientific and practical journal "EXPERT: THEORY AND PRACTICE" (ISSN 2686-7818);

  - scientific journal "ECONOMY, GOVERNANCE AND LAVE BASIS" (ISSN 2305-8641);

  - collection of scientific articles "" Economics, management and law in modern conditions "(ISSN 2310-4392);

  - collection of local lore "Averkinsko-Ibryaykin readings of local lore" (ISSN 2713-2099).